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Emerald Pearl Pear Studs
Emerald, mother-of-pearl pear-shaped ear studs with Diamonds. - 0.28ct Blue Sapphires - 1..
Sapphire Pearl Oval Studs II
Sapphire, mother-of-pearl oval ear studs with Diamonds. - 0.23ct Blue Sapphires - 18..
Ruby Pearl Round Studs
Ruby, mother-of-pearl ear studs with Diamonds. - 0.78ct Ruby - 18K White gold - 0..
Sapphire Pearl Oval Studs
Emerald, mother-of-pearl ear studs with Diamonds. - 0.35ct Blue Sapphires - 18K White&nbs..
Sapphire Pearl Oval Studs
Sapphire, mother-of-pearl oval cabochon ear studs with Diamonds. - 0.6ct Blue Sapphires -..
Sapphire Diamond Studs
Sapphire ear studs with Diamonds. - 1.76ct Sri Lanka cabochons - 18K White gold..
Ruby Oval Studs III
Ruby oval ear studs with Diamonds. - 2.0ct Burmese cabochons - 18K white gold ..
Ruby Oval Studs II
Ruby oval ear studs with Diamonds. - 2.79ct Burmese cabochons - 18K white gold ..
Star Pearl
Diamond and pearl star ear studs. - 0.84ct Diamonds - Black and white diamonds - ..
Elise Chandelier Earrings
Vintage-style diamond chandelier earrings. - 3.12ct Diamonds - 18 K White gold - Pierc..
Imperial Earrings
Jade cabochon earrings with diamonds. - Grade A Burmese Jade - 1.07ct Diamonds - ..
Jade Fishes
Jade carved fish dangles with diamonds. - Grade A Burmese Jade - 0.19ct Diamonds - 14K..
Tassels Earrings II
Rare and one-of-a-kind tassel chandelier earrings of Sapphires and diamonds. - 2.62ct D..
Tassels Earrings
Rare and one-of-a-kind tassel chandelier earrings of Sapphires and diamonds. - 3.76ct D..
Jade Eminence IV
Jade carved chandelier earrings with diamonds and emeralds. - Grade A Burmese Jade - 1.05ct Em..